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4 possible reasons why keep running could not lose weight


Most of people think running always is the first choice when we talk about lose weight. This is because compared to other sports, running is easier to get started and can quickly see benefits. In addition, you can start running with a pair of running shoes, an running belt, and a sport clothing.


However, not everyone starts to lose weight successfully. There is still a large proportion of people who are distressed that their weight cannot be reduced.These reasons for your failure are not accidental! SHAPE pointed out that if you are experiencing a weight loss bottleneck or want to achieve weight loss through running, you may try to avoid the following 4 possible factors obstacles to your weight loss.


Possible reason one: Your training has not changed

When the training is performed regularly, the human body will gradually adapt to the intensity of the exercise. The same amount of training or training mode has been used for a long time. So the body can complete the training more smoothly without spending too much energy.

But when you reach a horizontal state and your metabolism stabilizes, it may be the beginning of why you could not lose weight. At this time, you will need to “shock” to break the plateau period. Considering that your body is used to the original exercise intensity and frequency, you can change other sports or join strength training (this is currently considered a better way ) to give the body a new stimulus.

Possible reason two: Run longer not faster

Running longer not faster also is a matter of intensity. Some people probably run longer to increase the intensity, but from the side of burning fat that increasing the speed would help you more for your target. In fact, humans use the most fat as their main fuel during static activities. This means that even if you run desperately, it will be difficult to keep up with the amount of fat that the body normally uses. Therefore, intermittent training will be a good method to increase the body’s muscle mass, so that the body can use fat more efficiently at rest.

Possible reason three;pay too much attention on calorie consumption

Exercise is a way to burn calories, but not the only way! We actually spend more time on eating and sleeping than exercise time, so we should pay more attention to cultivating normal schedules and controlling diet!

Possible reason four: overrunning

Exercise is to exert pressure on the body, which in turn affects the body’s internal environment and further changes your physical or physiological condition. If you train too much and cause a lot of stress hormones, it is not good news for you who are trying to lose fat. Some hormones can cause fat synthesis or further break down muscle weight proteins due to stress factors.Therefore, how to distribute the amount of training, arrange a reasonable rest day, or do appropriate weight-loss training can make the body “gasp”. In addition to running crazy, knowing how to relax properly is the hardest thing!

In a conclusion, the above point is to break your stereotypes and think that running is the only way to burn fat. In fact, more and more people will add other sports such as swimming, cycling or strength training to their own. In a weight loss program, it is the most important to develop good exercise habits, and maintain a good mood and regular schedule at any time. After all, the benefits of exercise are many, not just to change the appearance!

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