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Top 6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mom

Not sure what to get for your beloved mom? Read these useful gift ideas!

Mother’s Day on May 12th, 2019 is just a few weeks away. Whether your mom is nearby or far away, you can show your love to her on this special Mother’s Day. As the cold winter is over, now it is also a great time to enjoy in the fresh outdoors, especially for the outdoorsy moms. If you are still not sure what to ger for your special mom, you may want to read these useful gift ideas for spending a wonderful day with your mom!
  • Go Out for Nature Walking

Go Out for Nature Walking

Walking outside is enjoyable in Spring. You can take your mom to a local park or Botanical Garden and have a wonderful day with her. Breathe the fresh air in spring, watch the green plants and pleasant flowers, and chatting with her about your recent life. And it is a good chance to take beautiful natural photos for her for normally moms have seldom taken good pictures for themselves.

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  • Have a Happy Spring Hiking

Spring hiking is wonderful for family activities, and also great for going out with moms. In daily life, both you and your mom are very busy and have no time to go out together. For spring hiking, you may need to plan a hiking route that is suitable for your moms. Parks or mountains nearby will be a good choice for hiking. You can also invite her good friends together and take some photos of these lovely moms.

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  • Go for a Fun Picnic

Many women love the picnic whether she is an outdoorsy woman or not. So you can make a plan and choose an easy-to-reach destination with beautiful views. Remember to bring some delicious snacks or food you and your mom love. It will be a wonderful day for you to enjoy the pleasant spring views, and it is a sweet gift for the unforgettable memories between you and your mom.

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  • Make a Trip to Beach

It will be great to take on a trip to the beach with your mom if your time is available. As spring comes, it is time to enjoy the sunshine on the beach. Your mom will also love the expansive view of the ocean water, salty-sweet smell, cool breeze and sunlight that a beach holiday can fulfill. It is a great gift of total relaxation both for you and your mom.

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  • Get Gardening Together

Does your mom have a love gardening? Many gardening moms love the outdoors and prefer to spend time to dig in the dirt and enjoy to see the plants. So the sweet mother’s day gift for her is that you can get free from your busy life and spend the special day to help her around the garden. She will be so glad to see you try to give her a helping hand!

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  • Plan a Relaxing Bike Ride

If your mom is more inclined towards panniers and bike rides than bouquets of flower, you may need to plan a bike ride with her. It is not a traditional gift, but it will be a good gift idea she loves so much. You can make a plan and choose the cycling route with spring view. Take your mom on a relaxing bike ride and show her how much you care!

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