Top 6 Must Have Fishing Gears in 2018


There are a million ways to catch fish, but the complexity is always different. So it is essential to select the proper and effective fishing tools as magic assists. Here are the top 6 must have fishing gears you should stock your boat with before heading out on your next adventure.

Fenwick Eagle was established in Washington in 1952, it is the first creator of carbon fishing rod in the world, as well as the recognized leader of the fly fishing rod, fly fishing tackle and freshwater rod. Fenwick is the first choice for anglers who are seeking for fishing rods with superior performance and flawless experience.

The B2 burled cork design of Fenwick Eagle spinning rod provides you the feel of traditional cork, but it is much more chip resistant and durable than traditional ones; stainless steel guides with the insert are lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. This fantastic rod is ultra-light, sensitive and well balanced, the 6’6″ medium-heavy size is well used as a panfish/walleye rod, it has the perfect action for casting small lures with lighter line.



As a global soft bait sales champion, Berkley is the flagship brand of Pure Fishing, it began in 1937, with more than 70 years of history, owning a series of legendary brands including Firepower, Powerbait, Brontosaurus, King Kong, etc.

This magic Berkley saltwater sandworm looks and feels like natural cut sandworms, which allows you to rig and fish like a live bait for longer lasting and durable. Packed with the all-natural gulp and scent attractant, fishes can be attracted easily by it.

Spiderwire is the inventor of PE lines, as its name “spiderwire”, the PE lines are durable and thin like spider’s silk.

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is colored for high visibility in all water conditions. The PE fibers provide no-stretch sensitivity for better bite detection, while color-lock coating technology discourages fading. The line is available in 10- to 65-pound strengths and in 125-, 200-, 300- and 1,500-yard spools, you can choose the right length according to your need.

As one of American leading outdoor travel bag brands, WATERFLY also gets outstanding achievement in fishing gears, the most representative one is WATERFLY fishing wading belt.
With a piece of wide mesh pad on the back of the waist belt, this fishing wading belt is quite breathable and effectively reduce pressure on your waist; multiple removable D-rings and swivel hooks allow you to hang the fishing accessories organized and removed them easily while not used.

The greatest point of this wading belt is the durable belly pad, you can fight the fish with your entire body by supporting the fishing rod on the belly pad but not just with your hands, effectively energy-saving and convenient. WATERFLY fishing wading belt is a powerful assistant for fishing.

With delicate internal spring loading and easy-to-grip design for easy one-handed operation, Donnmar Pliers are handcrafted and built of military-grade titanium or marine-grade stainless steel, it provides a crisp easy cut for fishing lines, braid or metal sheet. The pivot bearing is nickel-plated and machined from solid brass, the pliers are extremely durable for life-long use unless it is lost. Donnmar fishing pliers are available in either standard or side-cutter versions, with replaceable tungsten-carbide blades. A little expensive but with great performance.

A pair of superior fishing gloves is ideal for protecting your hands while fishing. Rapala Marine Fishing Gloves are excellent for non-slip fish control, with durable latex coating, it works well for getting fish off the hook and for protecting your hands against the bards and small teeth. It is made for either fresh or saltwater fishing. Hundreds of good reviews proved its popularity among fishing enthusiasts.

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