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Waterfly Bags Review


Waterfly is a brand focused on backpacks that are popular in many countries located in America, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, Waterfly’s slogan is ”enjoy your life” which means enjoy your present moment to become stronger and autonomous to transport since the design throughout the bag fits the needs of the customers, especially if they need to carry a lot of objects.

So, these are the elements why you can buy Waterfly bags to ensure convenience and something comfortable for you.

Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling & Backpack Review

Best Crossbody Sling Bag for outdoor & Travel

Are you looking for a city backpack, but who’s still spacious?

Would you like one you can take in short mountain tours? Then point to a WATERFLY Fashion Chest Sling Backpack .

Namely two types of polyester: 600D and 1200D. It is a durable fabric, facing the constant and long wear. It does not absorb water, and has a very good impermeability feature. You can use it both in light rain and during storms, or it can be left outside during the wet season, nothing inside this backpack will be touched by water.

The average weight of only 200 grams of the WATERFLY backpack makes it easy to carry, which is complemented by its intelligent construction.

The straps are ham and the back is doubled with foam. These things make him a comfortable backpack no matter how loaded he is.

The straps are tailored so that they do not tire their shoulders and muscles.

Waterfly Fanny Pack

The WATERFLY backpack comes with 2 main pockets, which can be used to store more valuable things such as a or tablet. The princess pockets are quite roomy and can hold a lot of things in them. Also, this backpack also comes with a side mesh pocket, useful when you want to carry a water bottle with you.

Waterfly Sling Bag Reviews

Best Sling Bag for Shoulder Chest & Travel Waterfly

This backpack is ideal for those who want to go on a little adventure in the city or outside it. It provides enough space for the items needed for your day. It is durable and waterproof. This backpack is the best choice for all those who want a small and durable backpack.

Water Bottle Holders Lightweight Waist Pack

If you see this bag, you can check that the Waterfly Fanny Pack with a water bottle is the main element. It has durable water bottle holders with a diameter of 2.7, which means you can carry a significant amount of water, even you can fit an umbrella between them.

Advantages of the Waterfly Fanny Pack with Water Bottle

  • The main advantage of this object is its comfort. In other words, it’s so practical that you can grab your passport, phone, iPad, snacks with simple movements.
  • The Waterfly bag has a nylon resistant material.
  • You can use these packs to fit your objects without hesitation.
  • This bag guarantees you total freedom, and you can use your hands for other actions.
  • In case you need extra space, you can adjust it for your convenience, which means a considerable number of items to carry on.

A Waterfly bag is indispensable for people that are going to activities such as trekking, climbing because it has plenty of areas to store your items, it has a resistant material, and you can adjust it, ensuring freedom to you

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