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The Great athletic socks for outdoor

Are athletic socks worth it?


In my opinion, Definitely it worth! When cycling, the foot is placed in a unique, stable position, and so thinner, form-hugging socks are more beneficial, allowing the technical features of the sock to perform at their efficient best. You don’t need them but probably due to the elastic element they contain, I find they hold up better and provide a better feel than my general sports socks. They’re not too expensive, why not buy a pair or two and try them?

There are some sock I usually wear:

Breathable waterproof for hiking/fishing Ankle waterproof sock(waterfly)

Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length SockZ (Sealskin)

Mountain Biking Socks Waterproof for hiking/fishing (waterfly)

There are couple reasons that why would choose athletic socks:

Generally (but not always) a quality pair of socks will last longer and be better fitting. Where as a cheap pair may be cut and stitched closed at the end (tows) and have a seam which can be irritating, quality socks may not – or have better seams.

Fit / Comfort
Some of the premium socks have compression / elastic and in my case, I am not a fan of the compression effect and can’t say that compression in cycling socks would even be a performance benefit – but a well fitting sock is more comfortable – particularly on long roads.

Breathability is one area where quality socks set themself apart, with the material selection and weave it can mean for many riders the difference between sweaty feet and damp or wet socks and drier feet and dry socks.

Another feature of many premium quality socks is the resistance to bacteria – some use nasty chemicals (which can also wash out over time) and some use material selection and yarns that are resistant. Because a wash in the washing machine may not kill all bacteria – socks that limit or kill off bacteria are a hygienic option.

People who like running, hiking, fishing, or tekking should take more care of their own foot!

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