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The Best Running Backpack For Every Kind Of Runner

What running backpack should I buy for outdoor activity


When it comes to choosing a backpack for running, the options are endless, depending on your need. If it’s a ultramarathon, you’ll want a minimalist vest to carry gels, fluids and snacks. If you’re planning on adding a run commute or two to your weekly mileage, you’ll probably want something more substantial to carry all the essentials.

Three parts of  choosing the best running backpack:


How much do you need to carry with you? If you’re run-commuting, you’re going to need to carry work clothes, toiletries and other essentials. Whereas if you’re racing, you probably want to carry only the absolute bare necessities. A capacity of around 20 litres is a good starting point if you need to carry a fair amount of kit, whereas if you’re aiming to stay light and fast, look for packs of around 10L and under.


In a nutshell, you’ll want to look at the straps of the bag – you’ll need one with shoulder, chest and waist straps in order to run comfortably. The shoulder straps should be padded and wide enough to distribute weight evenly (thin straps often dig in and rub), the chest strap should be able to be moved up and down (especially important for female runners) and all the straps need to be adjustable.


There’s no point carrying a change of clothes if they’re going to be a soggy mess by the time you reach your destination. Look for fabric that is at least water resistant and will keep out the worst of the rain if the weather turns. The fabric should also be tough, with reinforced seams and the ability to withstand carrying heavier loads or being slung on hard or rough surfaces such as your car boot. For extra comfort, wicking fabric at the back of the pack will help moisture evaporate and reduce the risk of heat, irritation and rubbing.

Four styles of backpacks from waterfly:

WATERFLY Packable Daypack with 20L Capacity

20L capacity bag fits 15” laptop
6 compartments to organize your items well
Foldable & lightweight design for space-saving
Top zipper pocket in 2 colors available

Daypack Material: water-resistant polyester surface
Daypack Volume: 20L
Daypack Access: top zipper
Daypack Claimed Weight: 290g

    WATERFLY Packable Backpack 3 in 1 Pack


Foldable design for saving space
6 compartments to organize your items well
3 in 1 multi-functional bag can be used as the backpack, sling bag, fanny pack
32L Large capacity for storing your necessities

Backpack Material: water-resistant polyester surface
Backpack Volume: 32L
Backpack Weight: 0.93lb. / 420g

     WATERFLY Foldable Backpack 4 in 1 Pack 


Foldable bag as a true space saver
6 compartments for storing your items separately
4 in 1 bag includes the backpack, shoulder bag, attached fanny pack, and arm/leg bag  20L suitable capacity for holding your necessities

Backpack Material: water-resistant polyester surface
Backpack Volume: 20L
Backpack Weight: 590g

WATERFLY 40L Foldable Hiking Backpack


40L Large Capacity
Ultra-light & Portable
Separate Bottom Pocket
Multi-Functional Backpack

Material: Nylon

Capacity: 40L
Size: 11.8 x 7.9 x 24.8 inches / 30 x 20 x 63cm

Weight: 1.6lb. / 730g

Package included:  1 x WATERFLY Backpack




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