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6 Best Hiking Fanny Packs That Everyone’s Crazy About [2020]


You woke up, and you’re suddenly in the mood to plan a short hiking trip. You start thinking of the personal things you need to take with you, and that’s when the bulb lights up: you don’t have any intention of getting dragged down by your huge, hiking backpack.

Settling for the small, regular bag is out of the question too, due to lack of storage and durability. So, what can you do in this situation? It sounds like you need to look for the best hiking fanny packs.

Well, if you’re worried that your search for a hiking fanny pack would take ages, we’re here to help. We always make sure to offer valuable information when it comes to picking hiking gear, and hiking fanny packs are not an exception.

We spent 35 hours collecting information, digging for the best products in this selection, and finding something that will definitely make your short hiking trip a success.

Thankfully, we came across a range of products that many people have fallen in love with, and so we compiled the list you’re about to read.

In the following paragraphs, you will read about some of the top-notch hiking fanny packs on the Internet. Shortly after, a comprehensive buying guide will be awaiting you, with the mission to help you choose the right product for your journey.

Let’s get to it!

#1 Waterfly Outdoor Fanny Pack

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The fanny pack’s design makes it very comfortable to wear throughout your hiking adventures. It’s easy to adjust for your comfort, so it will fit multiple heights.

And considering that you also want to maintain your sense of style even while hiking, this fanny pack is a good choice. The multiple color combinations you can choose from make it a wonderful match for various clothing.

This fanny pack is flexible, as it has an adjustable waist belt size, ranked 22”-52”. It’s useful when you don’t want to feel any pressure on your waist. Moreover, the design allows you to store water bottles on both sides.

You can also choose to hand carry it if you don’t want it on your waist, as it’s a multi-functional pack. In addition, due to the PV valentine breathable pads, the inside of the pack will get better ventilation.

Also, the ribbon is quite durable. The weight of this pack is only 0.22 kg or 0.48 lbs.

What We Like

  • Portable Hand Carry Design – It’s always a good thing to have different ways of carrying your bag. As having it attached on your shoulder might cause pain, it can be carried by hand too. 
  • Amazing Packing Abilities – This is among the most important things for a fanny pack after all, isn’t it? A feature that stands out for this hiking fanny pack is the number of zippered pockets, as well as external storage options. There are multiple pockets where you can store your belongings, such as your phone, charger, snacks, books, and others. On each side, the pack also features bottle holders and durable ones at that, too. It’s easy to stay organized and fit everything that you need inside one bag.
  • Back Pad with Great Breathability – The breathability aspect makes it a great choice if you’re going to carry it for hours. The back pad allows air to circulate so the area that touches your body doesn’t overheat, and you don’t sweat as a result. Besides, the waist belt also provides pressure relief.
  • Durable Nylon Material – One of the most important considerations with any product is durability and, luckily, this hiking fanny pack ticks that box. The nylon material will help you make it through your trip with no incidents. And it’s water resistant.

#2 BP Vision Pack

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Check out this uniquely designed hiking fanny pack. Doesn’t it make you just want to go hiking all the time? There’s a lot to love about this pack. Despite its detailed design, the pack is quite lightweight, and it also comes with multiple pockets for more storage options. Since you can also carry two whole bottles on each side, it is perfect for an outdoor adventure with your partner.

This Bp Vision fanny pack is a great pick if you want something easily adjustable. The strap that attaches it to your waist can be adjusted between 26 to 50 inches.

In addition, the water bottle holders can fit 3” diameter bottles, so around 25 oz bottles. This pack measures 11 inches long, 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. You get a warranty with it too, respectively a 12-month one.

Besides, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have a 30-day money-back or replacement guarantee.

Made of nylon, the pack has different color schemes, and it is also quite durable and spacious. The weight measures 20 oz /567 grams.

What’s especially great is the presence of zippered pockets on each side of the waist belt. Super useful!

We’ve established the key features

What We Like

  • Various Carrying Options – Having multiple ways to carry the fanny pack will only make it more convenient, as comfort is ensured no matter the situation. To make sure you can use it just the way you like, the fanny pack can be carried using the waist back style, the backpack strap or the shoulder strap
  • Breathability Provided by Mesh – You’re going to be carrying this fanny pack a lot, so it only makes sense that it’s meant to prevent your lumbar area from sweating and overheating while keeping it comfortable. Well, the padding is a high-quality breathable mesh one, which adds comfort when the product is rubbing against your waist.
  • Wear-Resistant – Believe it or not, but the nylon construction is wear-resistant. Given you’re going hiking, you certainly need something durable enough to deal with the conditions of the journey, and this fanny pack can give you this benefit.
  • Easy to Carry – There’s no need to worry about it possibly being too heavy to carry. On the contrary, the product is lightweight and will be easy to take with you on your hiking journeys. Besides being lightweight, the multiple carry options make it even easier to carry around.

#3 Osprey Talon 6

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Get this fanny pack, and you’ll be able to hike with style. The Osprey waist pack was made for men who want crazy comfort, but also a good amount of storage space for whatever they want to bring on their trip. With bungee retention straps, padded bottle sleeves and a front panel zippered slash pocket, this product can change your life as a hiker in a positive way.

Being the reputable brand that they are, Osprey couldn’t settle for bad quality fanny packs. Of course, they had to step up their game with this beauty. Having quite a vintage look, the pack measures 15 in width, 3 ¾ in depth, and 7 ½ in height.

In terms of weight, it’s 15.6 oz or 442 grams, which makes it lightweight enough, especially when combined with the breathable padding that alleviates pressure. The bottle volume is 570 ml., and in fact, the package comes with two bottles included!

That’s not all, though – two zippered hip belt pockets have been added too, giving you quick access to snacks or any item you choose to store there. Again, as with most Osprey products, the quality of the fabrics and the zippers is impressive.

What We Like

  • Spacious Main Compartment – Space is everything, even when talking about a fanny pack. After all, you should be able to pack everything that you need for your short journey. Luckily, Osprey’s product has a roomy main compartment, where you can store a book, snacks, your phone, and some other things. 
  • Stretchy Hip Belt – Nobody likes a hip belt that rubs against the skin and irritates it, especially when the belt is not elastic. And we loved that the manufacturer thought about this aspect. Instead, they had a bio stretch hip belt added to the fanny pack. As a result, you will get the comfort that you deserve while enjoying your time in nature.
  • Additional Pockets – Everyone loves some extra storage space, and this bag doesn’t lack this feature. In fact, it has multiple pockets, including hip belt pockets, for storing just anything you need.
  • Breathable and well padded – The lumbar support is great as it allows the air to circulate, preventing an overheating situation and ensuring comfort all the way through. Therefore, you will not have to deal with excessive sweating.

#4 MountainSmith Day Lumbar Pack

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Let’s take a look at this hiking fanny pack, shall we? This Mountainsmith product can be your good friend in your hiking journeys – particularly if you are in need of a spacious bag. As it comes with the proper amount of padding, it is suitable for carrying multiple belongings, from snacks to smartphones and even your tablet. Let’s see it!

What We Like

  • A Lot of Storage Space – Many fanny packs are very small, and even though they come with multiple storage options, they don’t always fit enough things inside. Where those fail, this Mountainshith product wins – it is a little bigger than your typical fanny pack and will allow you to fit more inside, even if it’s just for a short, one-day trip. The volume is whooping 13 L
  • Safety for Tablet Storage – Given that you never know the conditions you’re going to be in, extra safety is a must, especially if you’re taking your tablet with you. To ensure that your device won’t be damaged, the interior of the tablet sleeve is foam-padded.
  • Well Thought Out Organization – Organization is a guarantee with this pack model. It has multiple storage pockets, further ensuring that you don’t lack the necessary space for whatever you need to store. A nice feature is the large zippered hip belt pocket and the document sleeve on the back panel. You even have options to attach gear externally thanks to the daisy chains and the bungee cords. Very cool!
  • Ultra-durabilityand thick paddingthat makes it more suitable for a hiking trip. Since it was built with CORDURA fabric, it will resist no matter the conditions. The EVA foam supported back panel provides great comfort on longer treks. The breathable mesh allows for an efficient breathability.

#5 Genius Earth Pack

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Classy and super functional, this bestseller is a worthy travel companion, especially when you want to ensure your hydration along the way. The pack comes in two nice colors, and it also has a sturdy build, as well as water resistance for safety. Coming with two water bottles in the side holders, you will never run thirsty on your hiking days.

Backed by the Genius Earth’s 100 percent guarantee, the fanny pack has been manufactured following a meticulous testing, to make sure you get a wonderful experience. This fanny pack won’t disappoint you. Just read the reviews.

One of the biggest benefits you get is the fact that it fits most waist sizes. A man, a woman or child can smoothly carry the pack with no troubles.

What makes this possible is the adjustable belt – it can adjust from 18” to 50” for your waist. The bag has a 13-inch length, 5-inch width, and 6-inch height. Although small and cute, it is still spacious and able to fit various things inside. You even get 2 free 20oz BPA-free plastic bottles with it.

Without the bottles, this cool pack weighs around 10 Oz only or 283 grams. The volume is close to 4.3 L, which is totally fine for a light day-hike.

Here’s what made us love this product and what we didn’t really like about it.

What We Like

  • Perfect Fit – It’s better to have a one size fits all product because you never know what kind of customers purchase your item – and the team from Genius Earth know that. This is why the bag is suitable for men, women, and children. With the adjustable and expandable hip belt, this shouldn’t be an issue. 
  • Lightweight and Comfortable – Hiking is supposed to be fun, so you cannot afford to go with a fanny pack that makes everything uncomfortable for you. That being said, you get to wear something that maintains your comfort and is not too heavy.
  • Two free water bottles included, meaning you will not have to spend extra money on those. Instead, you can use these two 20oz bottles. Sure enough, there are side bottle holders for them.
  • It fits all accessoriesnecessary for a short trip. If you need to carry your money, smartphone, passport or anything of the sort, this pack will fit all of them inside.
  • Premium durable materialwith neoprene paddingfor maximum carrying comfort and long usage. Because Genius Earth didn’t want your pack to get damaged easily. As such, you get a product made from sturdy rip stop nylon fabric.

#6 NZII Sports Fanny Pack

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Excellent for a quick hiking trip, this versatile fanny pack will not disappoint when it comes to storage. Designed to make you fall in love with it, this pliable bum bag has six separate compartments for storage, so you’ll like it if you’re the type of person to take multiple items with you on a trip. Plus, it allows for many wearing styles. Don’t miss checking it out!

The biggest advantage of this top-rated NZII Sports fanny pack is that it has a lot of space. The volume is 5 L. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 7 x 6 inches, and it also features multiple compartments. This gives you the freedom to pack everything you need for your trip with no exceptions.

There are six different pockets of various sizes with the main one being very spacious, and the additional ones being a little smaller.

The other pockets include two small ones in the front and two on the sides, as well as one on the back. They make it easy to store money, your phone, keys, or anything small. The big one is great for storing your tablet/laptop and other valuable items.

With a strong flexible belt, you will enjoy comfort while carrying the pack, and it’s also durable and wear resistant. The bag itself is made from high-quality material that is tear-resistant. And the happy customer reviews confirm it – this buddy is solid.

The weight of the compact, yet comfortable bag is only 16 oz or 453 grams. Light as a feather!

There were indeed many things we loved about it, but also a few things we disliked.

What We Like

  • More durability is offered by the plastic buckle and the thickened waist belt. While hiking, you need something that resists potential wear and tear. Luckily, this pack has a very good wear-resistance and durability. 
  • It is a multifunctional fanny pack – If you’re on the move and want to listen to music, then you will be happy to use the headphone port – it lets you listen to your favorite songs as you are hiking.
  • It has a super capacitygiven by the big size and the 6 zippered pockets it was provided with. There is a main one and smaller ones like the two on the front, two on the sides, and another one on the back, which is hidden. It allows for a strategic loading of various items. You can store a 24 oz bottle in the main pocket.
  • Strong Zippers – when you hike, you need to make sure your valuables are safe. There’s no need to worry with this bum bag – the electroplated metal zippers are durable and hard-wearing. We all know zippers could be very annoying to deal with sometimes.

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