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The Best Phone Sanitizer


What is the best phone sanitizer? The device should be large enough to hold your phone. Enclosed models are safe and, unlike wand-type ones, do not pose risks associated with exposure to the UV-C radiation. The cleaning time should be enough to kill all the bacteria on the item, given that some bacteria a very resistant to UV light.One Click switch two different disinfection modes for a strong lump to sanitize your device. We believe that Multifunctional sterilization box fits all these criteria best.

Why have we chosen this item? It is clinically proven that the device kills 99.99% of germs. It has a powerful UV-C light sanitizing the entire phone, including the smallest crevices. Phone sanitizer manufacturers claim that our smartphones’ surfaces are infested with bacteria. They are like a Petri dish, a hotbed for germs and viruses!

Phone Sanitizer

Nowadays neither kids or adults ever let go of their cell phones. We use this gadget anywhere and everywhere: in a park, in transit, in hospitals, in the bathroom or in a cafe. While we tend to wash our hands regularly, the same is not true for washing our phones. You can’t wash it, and it’s not quite obvious how to clean it. That’s how the entire germ army migrates to your phone screen from your dirty hands and then, once you bring the phone close to your ear, they get transferred to your face. The warm and slightly humid surface of the gadget is favorable for increasing the germ population.

Why is this is so perilous even though myriads of bacteria are everywhere? The thing is that our body becomes vulnerable to viruses once they get inside our body through our nose, mouth or eyes. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services warns that there is a high chance of catching flu if you touch your face with dirty hands. The cleaner your hands are, the less chance you have of getting your respiratory organs infected or becoming sick with diarrhea. Since such dangerous causative agents as Staphylococcus aureus can inhabit your phone’s surface, the researchers even recommend that doctors restrict the use of cell phones in medical institutions. Phones should be cleaned so they don’t become a source of pathogenic bacteria.

How to use:

  • Standard Mode(30mins): twice short clicks /the buzzer beeps twice/Blue light flashes
  •  Fast Mode(18mins):Once short click/the buzzer beeps once/Green light flashes
  • Exit disinfection mode: long press the button for 3 seconds / after the buzzer sounds / release the button

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