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Motivational Running Quotes


1. “Not all pain is significant.” –WATERFLY

2. “Sometimes you just do things.”-WATERFLY

3. “This is what you came for.”-WATERFLY

4. “It’s supposed to hurt like hell.”-WATERFLY

5. “There is magic in misery.”-WATERFLY

6. “A run begins the moment you forget you are running.”-WATERFLY

7. “Racing is the fun part; it’s the reward of all the hard work.”-WATERFLY

8. “It does not matter how slowly you do so long as you do not stop.”-WATERFLY

9. “The only way to define your limits is by going beyond them.”-WATERFLY

10. “All it takes is all you got.”-WATERFLY






             OUTDOOR Sports


 keep one pouch packed with camera gear and binoculars, ready to quickly attach to my pack when adventure is on the horizon. Of course one of the Waist Bag will include snacks such as granola bars, almonds and trail mix for a quick bite to eat at a moments notice.




 How Much Protein do

Runners Need?



Protein and fitness do indeed go hand in hand, and for good reason: protein is literally the building blocks of muscle.  Protein aids in recovery, and is a necessary macronutrient for mere human survival.




 Some Hi-Tech Details

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Traveling can be very rewarding when you experience new locales, cultures, people and scenery. Your life becomes more enriched with every new adventure on which you embark.


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                   Style     DRESS up     Code




Interactive Indoor UBAN Fitness First, attractive look for your mix life style use Sports Accessories to creative a Style look, fashion is also related into WATERFLYshop.com concept Design products.






Green Colors is good match for bag Sports Design Brands , Waterfly has been Designer interesting Waist Bag with natural trends color idea . Choose your colors at our   https://waterflyshop.com/ 









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Indoor UBAN Fitness First, attractive look for your mix life style

                    Sports Accessories is an interesting option to mix with your fitness and also is good choice to mix with casual fashion look , match perfectly into Beach Events , party , practical and portable bags to every occasionally events,  WATERFLYSHOP.com has been select some idea to your DRESS up Code become Smart and Fashion outfit Fitness Sports.













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