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Image result for facebook logoBrand New Solar panel Backpack Riding Lovers water Bag Multi-function Men's Travelling Backpack Brand Large Capacity Water Bag Solar Backpack

encompasses smart, connected products like smart phones and smart watches is a major contributing factor exponential increase in data. That’s because all these smart products are constantly gathering data, connecting to other devices and sharing – all without human intervention (your Fitbit synching data to your phone, for instance).

Have you ever wondered how to charge your electronics while you spending time with your outdoor SPORTS hiking? Smart Souction to help … Maybe you’re a photographer or maybe you rely on your GPS device to navigate the trails. Whatever your reason, a solar backpack is the solution. But how do you know what is the best solar backpack for you?

One of our big goals here at The Adventure Junkies is to make your life easier when it comes to gear shopping. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to choose a solar backpack and show you our selection of the best models of the year.



What’s Important While Choosing A Backpack?



  •  DESIGN Carrying System (frame)

 A carrying system to a backpack is what bones to the human body, a great backpack frame can transfer the weight from the shoulders to the hips, carrying a heavy backpack is much easier if the weight is efficiently transferred.

  • Weight

Lightweight equipment can decrease the aerobic demand, including heat rate, calorie consumption, etc., thus allows you to hike faster and easier than with heavier gear. so the backpack is a critical gear to keep overall weight down.

  •  Volume

Your backpack is the main storage for all the hiking equipment like a sleeping bag, tent, trekking pole, clothes, etc., so it is necessary to prepare a large capacity backpack for long-distance hiking, especially for the new hikers, an experienced lightweight backpacker usually can keep all their gears in a backpack about 40L-50L.


09 Reflective details

  • Material

Most lightweight backpacks are made of water resistant nylon material, which is also wear resistant, anti-friction and waterproof, suitable for extreme weather and conditions. 

Waterproof Breathable Textiles In Sportswear

The global waterproof breathable textiles market has been estimated at US$ 1.48 billion in 2016 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.52% during the forecast period, 2017 to 2022. The waterproof breathable textile is a type of fabric used in various types of garments to provide protection against weather conditions such as the wind and rain, while maintaining the body temperature.


  • Fit

The fit is one of the toughest features of a backpack for it can’t be measured until you have a pack fully loaded on your back. But you can choose backpacks with adjustable straps and carrying system. The length of the backpack’s backpanel has to match your torso length so that the backpack sits comfortably on your back.



  •  Price

Price is a practical consideration you must take into account while choosing a hiking backpack. An ideal backpack should never break the bank.


Top Smarts Design Backpack


1.TOPWATERFLY        3 in 1 Multi-Functional Bag Image result for facebook logo

                                                                     Foldable Backpack


3 in 1 Multi-Functional Bag: With buckles on the shoulder strap heads, one of the shoulder straps can be removed easily and used to be a waist Bag pack, while this backpack can be changed into a sling bag. Backpack, sling bag and waist bag 3 in 1, suitable to daily use. Ideal for daily use, trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping and shopping, great gift. Designed with multiple compartments for different kinds of items, the 32-liter large capacity sling bag has a main pouch with inner zipper pocket for valuables, 2 front zipper pockets for frequently-used items and 2 mesh side pockets for water bottle and umbrella



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2.Solar BackPack Image result for facebook logo

PROTECT YOURSELF, YOUR PLANET AND YOUR DEVICES: Lovely Smart Design , practical , convenient to OUTDOOR SPORTS , brings safety first , can supply eco energy charging your equipment’s mobile phone others , ensuring you’re never left without a dead battery . Utilize clean, natural energy from the sun to power your devices,  ; anywhere you have direct sunlight. And prevent damage to your devices while traveling by tucking them in one of the perfectly sized and secure compartments of the durable backpack.





3.TOP Best Waterproof Backpack Image result for facebook logo

Dry bags are a godsend for a day out on the water, but the packs aren’t really practical unless you’re throwing them in a boat. Adventure company SealLine is changing that with a series of dry bags that feature a backpack design. The small Urban Backpack is a great all-around size, whether you’re kayaking, snowshoeing or walking around Seattle in the rain. Bringing rugged all-weather performance to the city, our Urban waterproof backpack provides protection against rain, snow, splashes, and spills. Whether bike commuting, walking to work, or traveling overseas, the quick and easy access, comfortable suspension system, and durable, waterproof construction all work to keep your urban essentials protected through the seasons.


4.Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Image result for facebook logo


Bring your kids with you

Comfortable for parents

Fully adjustable back panel and hipbelt provide a perfect fit and comfortable carry and make the transition between parents quick and easy. Load stabilizer straps allow on-the-go adjustments to the backpack’s center of gravity by pulling the child closer to the parent for a more comfortable carry.

Comfortable for kids

Deployable sunshade keeps your child cool and protected from the harsh sun. Removable stirrups let your little one rest their legs and readjust themselves on the trail.





5.Backpack with remote controlled LED lighting signals Image result for facebook logo


SEIL Bag Puts Customizable Turn Signals On Your Backpack. FOR ME.

Usually bicycle riders use pouch or backpack to carry wallet, mobile phone and water bottle. Bicycles riders’ backpack is a must-have item for outdoor activities. SEIL-bag applied LED and flexible PCB is bicycle riders’s backpack for safe riding. When a rider using hand-signal, the rider is riding bicycle with one hand. It can lead to an accident. SEIL bag is designed to show left and right signals. Simply, controlling the detachable wireless controller enables various signals such as directional signal, emergency signal and option to create any message via mobile phone. Coming soon



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6.USB Charging Water Resistant Shoulder Bag Image result for facebook logo


USB Charging Water Resistant Shoulder Bag

A perfect bag for your days.  You will love it.  It is a Technology Backpack with a Large Capacity Design.

On the left shoulder strap, it comes with a unique Octopus Sucker System to hold your smartphone in place.

This can be used as your day bag or travel backpack for all your tech gadgets.  With USB Charging Port and Multi-Layer Interior Design, it is both convenient and practical for storing your laptop and all of your accessories.

The high density fabric is both water resistant and highly durable.  There are other zipper compartments so you can carry your smart phone and other small items conveniently and securely.


On Sale - 50% OFF until Sunday - Act Now! Eurcool Sling Bag - $75 State-of-the-art bag technology, the Eurcool is a smart bag with a small profile, making it one of the most stylish accessories you can carry on a daily basis. The Eurcool is packed with features, but the best part about it is the security and comfort of knowing all of your important gadgets and goodies are safe from theft and the weather. Made with high-quality material and attention to detail to ensure your gadgets and goodies stay safe and secure. It’s scratch proof, splash proof, tear proof, and so much more. An elegant sling bag that stands above the competition in fashion, design, and utility. A must for any digital nomad, weekend warrior, or life hacker.



7.FREQUENT FLYER’S BEST FRIEND Image result for facebook logo



Although I’m not entirely sold on the name, the Goobag is a pretty impressive little product. If there’s one item in my room that occupies a tonne of space, it’s my empty suitcases. Designed to be collapsible, the Goobag is a trolley-bag with a distinctly edgy aesthetic. What I’d absolutely love to see is this bad boy in action!







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