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Eco-Friendly Camping Halloween Trends











      Whether you are an experienced camper or heading out for camping for the first time, there are important items in camping checklist that you need to carry with you for your camping outdoor adventures. TRENDs Hollowwen Activities



#1 Map and Compass



Camping Essentials Map & Compass


While the topographic maps guide you with often-visited nature trails or impossible-to-miss paths of that area, a GPS receiver helps you identify the exact location where you are situated and also comes to your aid while exploring completely new regions.




#2 Sun Protection Utilities


Sunglasses too should be powerful enough to block the UVB rays from damaging your eyes; in case you hit the snowy regions do not forget to possess an extra-dark glacier glasses. Sun-protective apparel is even more essential to prevent your skin from being exposed to UV rays. Make sure the apparel comes with an ultraviolet protection factor.



Camping Essentials : SPF


#3 Extra Clothes for Insulation Packing



So keep everything extra: clothes, socks, underwear (tops and bottoms), even a balaclava or a synthetic jacket. Protect yourself enough to explore every nook and corner of your camping site.

You can never predict nature and the conditions that might prevail in the locale you choose for your camping site.











#4 Light to Illuminate Your Path


flash light for campingCarry everything from headlamps, flashlights, to portable lanterns; also stock extra candles and match sticks with you. Headlamps are quite advantageous to possess as they require no efforts to carry around; once fixed around your head, they stay that way.




#5 Mini First-Aid Kit



You can never choose to be casual about your first-aid kit and must carry the following: adhesive bandages, antiseptic solutions, gauze pads, adhesive tape, painkillers and other medications, essential ointments, enough cotton, and even a pair of nitrile gloves. Also, it is advisable to keep an appropriate medical guide for dealing with emergencies.






#6 Sufficient Edible Commodities



Carrying ready-to-eat energy bars, nuts, and dry fruits would be better as they can be stocked for long and aren’t heavy too. Also, carrying one extra bottle of water is essential apart from keeping a collapsible water reservoir. One should also carry a water purifier or filter in order to treat water that is obtained from natural reservoirs.







Relaxing Time

Unique moments






         Halloween Adventure …



On All Hallows’ Eve, Christians in some parts of the world visit cemeteries to pray and place flowers and candles on the graves of their loved ones. MAYBE is the reason of TRENDS idea HALLOWEEN



What started as an eco-friendly trend in outdoors adventuring has become increasingly popular and important. And with growing numbers of visitors to wilderness areas, it’s more important than ever to protect and preserve these sacred spaces.

The life of the Yeti media crew is not all popping light and singletrack. It can be fun but usually it is long days fighting the weather to ...

Overnight Bicycle Camping

Overnight bicycle camping has become popular with the advent of super-lightweight, yet sturdy bikes and equally efficient gear for comfortable camping. The best part is that a one- or two-night adventure is easy to plan. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your first trip:

  • For your first trip, stay close to home in case problems arise. Travel farther away as you become more experienced.
  • Trip expenses are quite low once you’ve purchased the bike and equipment. Food is often the most expensive aspect.
  • You can go bicycle camping on most bikes.

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